Ernst-Martin Barth Photography


Lonesome Road I

First snow

Rondane, Norway

Moonrise, Hadeland

A waxing cresent moon on the rise in the early December evening.

The burial of summer

Autumn has come to the old church and cemetery at Nes, Røykenvik, Hadeland, Norway

...when autumn leaves start to fall


Admiring nature

A flock of sheep admiring Norway's Sølenkletten mountain (1827 meters ASL) in the distance.

After the storm

Island of Rügen, Germany

Waning summer

The Baltic island of Öland, Sweden

Velvety evening

Hadeland, Norway

Nature's Evensong

Dark mullein at Hadeland, Norway

Away! Away! for I will fly to thee...

Autumn on the rise in the Norwegian mountains.

Storm clouds

Autumn has come to Cape Arcona, Island of Rügen, Germany

I heard the owl call my name...

Hadeland, Norway

Artscape Nordland in the rain

Vågan, Lofoten, Norway. Untitled sculpture by artist Dan Graham, USA. Part of a series of international outdoor sculptures in the county of Nordland.


Chamerion angustifolium in full bloom, Lofoten, Norway

Country road

Hadeland, Norway