Ernst-Martin Barth Photography


Hottest month of May since 1947


Snowbound II

2014 Venabygdfjellet, Norway

Snowbound I

2014 Venabygdfjellet. Norway

Winter's veil

Autumn harvest

Winter light

"Brandbukampen" sticking it's head out of the mist. Hadeland, Norway.

The mist is clearing

Summer Shadows turn to Fall

Dørjuvet gorge, Venabygd mountain, Norway

The Walk to Paradise Garden

Homage to W. Eugene Smith (1918-1978)

December light

Hand held vertorama. Three exposures.

Lonesome Road II

Room with a view

Summer Evening

View from the photographer's study window

A Winter's Tale

View from the photographer's study window


Moonlight on the river "Lågen" with themepark "Hulderfossen's" Soria Moria castle