Ernst-Martin Barth Photography



Lofoten, Norway

Arctic Afternoon

Near the town of Bodø, north of the Arctic Circle, Norway. The clock has just struck 12 noon on December 13th. The sun is below the horizon, casting a faint glow in the distance. The moon is on the rise.

Lighthouse "Dornbusch", Hiddensee, Germany

On a 72-metre-high hill on the island Hiddensee in the Baltic, immediately west of Rügen, stands the 28m high lighthouse, which was finished in 1888.

Winter garden

Hadeland, Norway

Off season, Rügen, Germany

The northern coast of Rügen has some wonderfully outstreched beaches.

Mönchgut, Rügen

The cliffs at Mönchgut on the south eastern coast of Rügen belong to one of Germany's 15 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.