Ernst-Martin Barth Photography


Wooden bridge

Hadeland, Norway

Winter is lurking...

Venabygd mountain, Norway

Wilderness respite

Venabygdsfjellet (Venabygd mountain). Mount Sølenkletten rises in the background.

Mountain brook (2)

Mubekken, Venabygdsfjellet,Norway

Mountain brook

Mubekken, Venabygdsfjellet, Norway

Hidden cabin

Perseid meteors streaking across the Milky Way

Venabygdfjellet, Norway

What's out there...

A little cat pondering the world.

Dance of the spruce trees

Garden Sunset

Framstad, Hadeland, Norway

Pastures Green

Framstad, Hadeland, Norway

After the rain

Grimsdalen with Høgronden (2115 m MSL) in Rondane National Park, Norway

Autumn mist

Røykenvik, Hadeland

Soria Moria

In the far distance a shimmering light: Soria Moria Castle in all its glory.

Gloomy afternoon

Røykenvik, Hadeland

The storm is clearing

Cape Arkona on the north coast of Island Rügen, Germany.